and enjoy the underwater world of North Wales and beyond.

Why dive with us?

Membership Fees

1st January - 31st December: New members £100 - this includes: Annual Membership of the Sub-Aqua Association (£67), training materials (£33) and dive equipment loan until qualified as an Elementary Diver. In addition a NWSAC fee of £20 per month is payable which includes all air fills. For Qualified Divers a £70 Annual Membership Fee is payable plus a NWSAC fee of £20 per month which also includes air fills.

Free Tuition from our Expert Instructors

Whether you're already a qualified scuba diver or looking to take up the sport, our scuba development programmes deliver a wide range of courses to its members. Highly regarded and experienced Instructors can help you progress in this fun and exciting sport.

Regular Diving Trips

Regular diving trips are organised by the club for both inland and offshore dive sites. Normally, we have a back up plan should the weather prevent a trip afloat.

Club Owned Dive RIB and Compressor

Our own club RIB provides a cost effective way of getting out to our local wreck diving sites swiftly & safely. Having our own on-site compressor means free air fills for members.

North Wales' Finest Diving Instructors

Chris Jones Diving Officer

Chris Jones, the Diving Officer and Principal Instructor at NWSAC teaches a wide variety of SAA courses and has a wealth of diving experience and knowledge. It is because of his passion that NWSAC and its instructors are committed to taking that extra step to work with you as much as you need to feel comfortable and confident in your new found diving skills.

Carl Jones Diving Supervisor

Diving can be physically demanding and requires someone who is fit, a strong swimmer and in excellent health. I have all these attributes and more! I am friendliness personified, outgoing, able to remain calm in an emergency and an excellent communicator.

Gary Fernandes Diving Supervisor

As a dive instructor I teach in a variety of settings such as a pool, fresh water quarry or sea.

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